Astral Arcade


To score high you must fly well, avoiding the Notyous and destroying them with your Whack-o-Slack blast battery. Your firepower can be increased by collecting five apples. Picking up five hearts in a row will charge your shield.
All edges of the hexagonal arena are connected to its opposite like portals, making for a puzzlingly dangerous playing field that might take some experience to wrap your head around.


board game

A digital version of Quarto, created in celebration of its 25th anniversary.
There are sixteen unique pieces, each with four properties. Players take turns choosing a piece which the other player then places on the board. Line up four pieces or form a two by two block with at least one common property to win the game.

Blip 'n Blup

Skyward Adventures

puzzle platformer

Two fish, a pact with Sa'Tong and a quest for food, enlightenment and trust.


the Curse of Greyface

dungeon crawler

Storm the Black Iron Prison, trip your balls inside-out and lift the curse of Greyface.

Masters of Oneiron

strategy adventure

An innovative RTS/RPG mix, on a rhombic ocean film in dreamspace.

Original Gangster Tattoo

Respect is only the beginning


OG Tatt is a free and open source online top-down gangwar game.


Beyond the Chopping Block


Beyond the chopping block lies the Realm of Octalloc.


Thee block-based map editor

Edddy is a block-based 3D map editor.


Bestride your imagination

ManaWarg is a protean world builder.