Astral Arcade


To score high you must fly well, avoiding the Notyous and destroying them with your Whack-o-Slack blast battery. Your firepower can be increased by collecting five apples. Picking up five hearts in a row will charge your shield.
All edges of the hexagonal arena are connected to its opposite like portals, making for a puzzlingly dangerous playing field that might take some experience to wrap your head around.

Quatter is a digital version of the Quarto boardgame by Blaise Müller, and was created in celebration of its 25th anniversary. There are sixteen unique pieces, each with four properties. Players take turns choosing a piece which the other player then places on the board. Line up four pieces or form a two by two block with at least one common property to win the game.

Two fish, a pact with Sa'Tong and a quest for food, enlightenment and trust.

Storm the Black Iron Prison, trip your balls inside-out and lift the Curse of Greyface.

Masters of Oneiron is an innovative RTS in dreamspace.

Original Gangster Tattoo is a free and open source online top-down gangwar game.

Beyond the chopping block lies the Realm of Octalloc.

Edddy is a block based 3D map editor.

ManaWarg is a protean world builder for Urho3D and the Dry engine, made with Qt.